Marin Bail Bonds
Marin Bail Bonds, located across from Civic Center.

Marin Bail Bonds: We are located RIGHT NEXT to the jail. We are open 24-hours a day seven days a week. Call (415) 461-3200.

Marin County JailIf you or someone you know needs to be bailed out of jail, contact us NOW. We provide FREE consultations. (415) 461-3200.

We can try to process ANY type of bail, ANY amount, ANY crime, at ANY time.

We provide free bail bonds consultations and provide you free information, even if you do not use us to bail out with us. We also provide very flexible payment options. We allow credit card payment for qualified individuals. We also have numerous downpayment options and repayment terms.

We are a family owned business that has local knowledge of Marin County Jail and the court system. We have over 25 years combined experience to help you get out of jail faster. We provide honest, fast, and caring service. If you are looking for answers about Marin Bail Bonds, contact us today.

marin bail bonds office
Our office is located next to the jail at 48 N San Pedro Rd #201, San Rafael, CA 94903 marinbailbonds.info (415) 461-3200